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The Academy, Dublin, Ireland - January 20, 2013
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Anonymous said:
where can i get band merch hoodies i checked on their website but theres none

they unfortunately don’t sell the hoodies on their online store - you would have to go to one of their shows to get one :(

Anonymous said:
yooo i'm seeing the neighbourhood on wednesday and i was just wondering whats a good time to get to the venue?? like i got to the 1975 at 11:30 and we got seconds row but idk about the neighbourhood bc theyre less popular around here???

i would still aim for somewhere around the noon mark or even earlier if you can make it - it’s always better to be earlier! hope you have a blast yo.

hey hoodlums.

sorry if i’m super sporadic with posts and answering messages! the Wi-Fi at my dorm is shitty and it’s hard sometimes to get time away to actively update this blog. i’ll try my best to be on as much as possible :)

lots of b&w love,

why are the neighbourhood called the neighbourhood? and also why does Jesse say califournia instead of california? like why does he spell it wrong with the U?

it’s not wrong! in many parts of the world (Canada and England and others) we use the letter ‘u’ in many words (colour, neighbour, doughnut).

they adopted the U after finding out the the name was already taken. jesse continued on with the U trend in song names and some of their videos :)

Anonymous said:
I love your Tumblr page, cant wait to see Zach in Glasgow on Sunday 😻😻

thanks so much! also look forward to seeing the other baes, jesse and jer and brandon and mikey!!