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Anonymous said:
What happened to Bryan why did he leave? I liked him :((

differences in the band and to pursue his solo career!


I love how they are listening to sweater weather😂❤️

Most People.


Most people don’t talk enough about how lucky they are. Most people don’t talk enough about the love in their hearts.


petition for my favourite band to play every song they ever wrote in one gig no matter how long it takes

nbhd-hoodlums replied to your post:
i feel tbh. theyd be fun to be friends with but anything more…. eh (well maybe friends with benefits)

amen susie, amen

Anonymous said:
I guess I agree with you they do seem a little intimidating to me but idk I still love em to death weird right?

they’re a fab band!!

Anonymous said:
What??? Why not

many reasons. (check the tags on my last post lol)

Anonymous said:
Who would you date in the band

don’t think i’d wanna date them.

Anonymous said:
How many followers you have?

a number between 1-10000.

Anonymous said:
Is this really je$$e?

'tis me, jesse james rutherford, yung silva jesus.