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Anonymous said:
What album is lurk on and where can I download it?

lurk is on their mixtape - the link is on their twitter bio :)


shirtless jesse appreciation (◡‿◡✿)

Anonymous said:
I've always said mikey's last name as mar-got but I heard it pronounced as mar-go the other day. is that how it's supposed to be said?

think the t’s are silent, so it is mar-go.

Anonymous said:
is the mixtape out yet or nah


Anonymous said:
How do you pronounce jesses last name? Is it Ruh-the-ford or Ruth-er-ford

ruh-thur-furd :)

Anonymous said:
what album is lurk on?

it’s on the mixtape :)


jesse rutherford + annual coffee cup selfie (and evolution of eyebrows) 2012-2014

Anonymous said:
Whats jesses snapchat?

i believe it’s olddirtytshirt but he probably has his on private!